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Our Story

We were blessed to have had the space at Simmons Plaza for over three years of beginning to build our Grateful Hearts Yoga community in North Crestview. We learned and grew together humbly inside those 4 green walls.

Now, at the end of our third year and the year 2021, we've been even more blessed with the opportunity to move into a bigger space just around the corner from where we were.

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Our Studio

Our new studio sits off the road nestled in the trees behind the MyRVmail facility and has become a naturally serene environment to continue to grow our community & practice together.

We can't wait for you to come and experience the divine smell of the cedar barn doors mixed with the modern, urban aesthetic of our new warehouse yoga space.

With so much room to grow the possibilities of expansion of our services is endless thanks to this new location in North Crestview!

our story
our studio

Meet Our Teachers

meet our teachers


Namaste! I began taking yoga classes once a week when my youngest of four children started preschool and the “me time” was finally available to me.

It wasn’t long before I realized I would forever be a student of yoga because the practice had changed me in ways I never could have imagined.


It holds true today, come to your mat however you are, and the magic of yoga will transform you if you let it.


As I tell my classes, I may be your instructor but I simply make suggestions and hold the space, you have to do the work from within.


Honor your body and become the best version of yourself!


I look forward to meeting you and sharing my practice with you!



Hi, I’m Nicole and I teach Dance Fitness.


My passion has always been dance. As a child I loved making up dances to my favorite songs, and here I am today pursuing my passion.


Dance is my happy place. It is a great way to express your emotions, stay fit, and feel balanced; mind, body, and soul.


I’ve taken classes in all styles and trained at Fred Astaire, where I had the opportunity to perform, and take lessons with some of the great professionals from Dancing With The Stars.


I am honored to be able to share my passion with you and contribute to the health, wellness, and joy of this amazing community!



I am a wife and mother of 5.

I enjoy yoga because it’s a good balance of meditation and exercise.

I love Mexican food, football, traveling, underdogs & babies of all kinds.



Chrisnelle Joie began her yoga journey 16yrs ago while pregnant with her daughter.


She became a certified instructor in 2020 and enjoys using various modalities to help guide others on their path of wellness & spiritual development



Hello my name is Francy, I am from Venezuela, a mother and Yoga Instructor. Yoga came into my life in 2017 after several difficult episodes.


Since I started practicing yoga, I was able to experience within my own body and mind the infinite benefits of Yoga. It helped me a lot to improve my anxiety, concentration, toning the body and overall well being. There are so many more benefits to Yoga.


I completed my 200hr Yoga Alliance studies in California in 2018. Since then I have taught in different yoga studios, gyms, and online during the Covid lockdown.


Online, I taught students in Spanish across the globe where I had the opportunity to teach and practice with different people in different parts of the world.


I recently moved to Florida and I am very excited to share my knowledge within this community.


I hope I can share and guide you in this wonderful practice.



Veronica’s always been passionate about the importance of stretching and meditating, and she’s only seen more positive shifts in her body, mindset and life since diving into yoga.


Her yoga journey began as a student participating in as many classes as she could that were offered throughout her time in college. With her heart of service and her love for yoga she couldn’t wait to reach a point in her life where she could share this practice with others.


Veronica’s found her yogi journey to be transformational, inside and out, and she hopes to share that love and transcendence through yoga with you!



Hey friends! My name is Jasmine and I am a married mom of three. I have been a Florida resident since 2016 (I got here as fast as I could!).


I am Certified by ACE Fitness as a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) instructor. HIIT workouts generally combine short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity. These are often a mix of aerobic and resistance training.

I have a high energy and intense (but fun!) teaching style. I will push you and encourage you to meet your health and fitness goals in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

My biggest goal as an instructor is to help others feel good, find happiness, and live a long and healthy life



Yo, my name is Misty Peterson this crazy journey we call life has led me here. I am a Florida native. Born in Fort Walton Beach.

I navigate this journey with my partner of 15 yrs Mike Connors. We have one son Jaxon Connors and 4 furry babies. 36 years young redefining my health after many years of suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. 


Diagnosed in 2010 went through many doctors, tests, medications. After 2 years of battling my colon became septic. At 24 I was told it would need to be removed. I went through 3 surgeries, 2 years with a colostomy, multiple hospital visits.


In 2014 I was lucky enough to find a doctor to install a J-Pouch ( look it up they're pretty cool).


Since then I have spent my time learning more about food and how it directly connects to our health. Im excited to help other do the same.

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Hello! My name is Carmen Sostre, I am a military wife, a mother of two kids and one fur baby. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to the mainland in 2007. 


I am also a Rehabilitation Counselor and prior to make the decision of staying home to raise my babies, I worked with individuals and families under the Autism Spectrum, special needs in clients, and as a Therapist in a Juvenile justice residential facility. 


I was introduced to Yoga in 2013 and in April 2021 I decided to pursue the 200hrs Yoga teacher training, with my husband’s support and encouragement, in Fayetteville, North Carolina at Guiding Wellness Institute. This has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey for sure. I graduated in September of 2021 and already started the 300hr training.


As the time pass, my passion for teaching yoga grows more and more. I love teaching everyone and it will be my honor to guide you on the mat. Yoga is for everybody, and each experience is unique. I like to teach Gentle Energy Flow, Hatta Flow, and Espan-Yoga 😉(bilingual, English-Spanish). 



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