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Goat Yoga

What is goat yoga you ask and why would anyone do it?

This trendy style of yoga class originated on a farm in Oregon in 2016 when a yoga teacher realized just how therapeutic and joyful these silly, sweet dog-like animals can be and introduced first just “farm walks” to her students. Goats will naturally follow you for food, jump on your back spontaneously and they thoroughly enjoy a good back scratch.

Be aware-although they are sweet and adorable, they do have horns for protection and they have teeth on their bottom jaw to assist in ripping up their vegetation and chewing their grain which can also be used to chew on you or your clothing. They can be a bit more stubborn than dogs and definitely don’t have as many manners!

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 11.10.12 AM.png

Gracie & her goats

Below is a message from Gracie:

"I’ve been offering goat yoga experiences at Emerald Coast zoo since late 2018 and decided to become a goat owner myself so I could get to know the goats personalities & offer the most fun and safe classes possible! I’ve grown up & currently live on a farm North of Baker so adding goats to the herd for this adventure was no big deal. You can follow @Graciesgoatyoga on social to get some more behind the scenes of our experiences in owning/bottle raising our sweet Yoga Goats if you’d like!"


Any questions or concerns about practicing goat yoga with us feel free to reach out!

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