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BUTI Yoga is a unique practice, known for its cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement, and conditioning. Created by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold, it's designed to offer a calorie-scorching, body-sculpting, and dynamic yoga practice!

You will sweat with intention and leave your mat having just found your Soulmate Workout!

Feel Good Flow

Traditional Hatha Yoga teaches us to bring our attention to our breath which helps us to

still the fluctuations of the mind and be more present in the unfolding of each moment.Vinyasa means "flow" movement or position and is a popular style in the western world. In vinyasa we combine a sequence of postures with coordinating breath. This style of yoga not only makes one very strong and flexible, but also improves muscle tone and boosts confidence.

This class will be a good balance of both styles.

Perfect for mixed levels!
(beginner friendly)

feel good flow

Dance Fitness

Physical Benefits of Dance include:
- Improved cardiovascular health
- Improved balance and strength
- Increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness
- Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis
- Better coordination, agility and flexibility 
- Weight management


Mental Benefits of Dance:

- Boosts confidence: 
Dancing is beneficial in increasing self-esteem and confidence by fostering self
- Expression and developing social skills
- Reduces anxiety and depression
- Improves cognitive ability

Dance Fitness

Heated Hatha

Come revel in the experience of hatha yoga.


Immerse yourself in the sun like warmth of the heat lamps and lose yourself in the guidance of movement and the beautiful playlists of this class!


All levels welcome!

Go with the flow
Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 2.43.27 PM.png

Mind and Body

Join Francy for this beautiful slow flow class that is geared toward English AND Spanish speaking yogis of all levels! 
Francy is from Venezuela, a mother, and became a certified Yoga instructor in 2018 in California. She is new to Florida and is excited to share her gifts with us in making yoga accessible for our Spanish speaking community!

mind n body

Nice and Easy

Yoga is an ancient practice and science of the mind that is beneficial in many ways to all people. There are no rules or requirements, simply bring yourself to the mat and yoga will come. Allow us to guide you through the basics of starting a yoga practice of your own, connecting mind, body and soul through breath, movement and stillness.

This beginner safe class will include gentle strength & flexibility building movements, mindful breath and restorative postures to calm the body and mind.


Warm Vinyasa

Come bend, stretch & fly with a warm vinyasa class!


Hydrate well before and detoxify during this beautiful practice. (Heated to mid 90's!)

nice and easy
Warm Vinyasa

Yoga For All

This class will include balancing breathing exercises, mudras, mantras, and visualization techniques in addition to posturing that targets the center channel of the body. It aims to bring awareness of and revitalization to the physical and energetic bodies as well as introduce intermediate yogic practices in a beginner friendly class.

yoga for all
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